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We're a young husband and wife photography & film duo based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We have lived in California for the past two years but have decided to make Belfast, Northern Ireland our home. It is our passion to capture weddings and elopements for the daring and devoted here in Ireland and all over the world. We believe in artistry and originality and take a documentary style approach to weddings; capturing real moments, not forced ones. Our goal is to make your wedding day as stress free as possible, and of course to have fun and get to know you. We strive to capture every wonderful little detail of your wedding and create something tangible out of life's beautiful moments. We believe in telling a story.

Your Story.


- Lead Videographer


I grew up as part of a huge farming family in the Central Valley of California. I've tried almost every job out there; selling clothes, building guitars, serving in a four diamond restaurant, playing and touring with a band etc. Until finally I settled back into the farm life, with a wife in tow! It was a hugely demanding lifestyle and although we enjoyed so much of it, I was never able to get creative. Starting our own photography business was never what I expected to do, but now that we have, I can't imagine doing anything else. Moving in general, but especially to another country is a big challenge, but I am so excited for this new stage of our lives. (And if anyone knows a good place I can get authentic Mexican food in Belfast, hit me up!)


- Lead Photographer


I lived a pretty typical lifestyle growing up in Northern Ireland; school until I was 18, gap year, studied at Queen's University, involved in leadership in my home church, and had a great family and group of friends around me. I wasn't expecting life to take such a turn, until I met Elijah and all of a sudden I had dropped out of uni, gotten married and moved to California.  There, along with my husband, I realised my passion for photography; capturing moments and being able to look at them forever. These past two years have been the most unexpected, exciting and challenging years of my life and now, it's brought us back home. I'm looking forward to see what God has in store for us next!