Peter & Becky | Belfast, Northern Ireland

Amongst the many weddings we shot this summer, Peter & Becky’s really stands out for us. These guys were so laid back and such fun to be around and once again, we cried listening to their families give such awesome speeches. (Although, it doesn’t take much for us to cry during weddings.)

Their reception was set in one of Belfast’s most impressive new venues, the Titanic Hotel, the old drawing offices for the Titanic. After a major facelift in the past few years, the hotel has become such a great part of the Titanic Quarter, and such a unique setting to shoot a wedding. Check out the natural light in that reception room!

Every little detail planned out by Peter & Becky was worth capturing, and we’re so glad we were chosen to be a part of this day. Yay!

Elijah & Susannah