Andy & Emma | Northern Ireland

I know we say every shoot we do is special, but this one is very close to our hearts. A while back we did this casual home shoot with my brother and sister in law at their house.

Over two years ago my brother, Andrew, was in a motorcycle accident. At the time we were living in California and were told to fly home, and prepare for the worst. He sustained a horrific head injury, broke his back, jaw and much more. He was in a coma in the ICU before being transferred to the neurosurgery unit, and eventually to a different hospital specialising in brain injuries. Andrew’s accident was severe, much worse than I or anyone else could imagine, and we were told on many occasions by his doctors that he probably wouldn’t make it. We flew to Ireland preparing for his funeral, but instead we spent a few very special weeks in the ICU, praying together as a family , sharing stories about Andrew, and trying to get to know others in the same room, with similar situations. Although a heartbreaking time, it was also an opportunity to trust completely in God, and is what mainly led to us moving back to Ireland.

Cut to two years later, and Andrew has made some amazing progress. He is his usual annoying self; extremely laid back, cheeky and very caring. Not one bit of his personality has been affected and we are so thankful for that. Physically, he is relearning to talk and walk and we believe he will continue to improve in these areas, in God’s timing and not ours!

We wanted to do a photoshoot that didn’t focus on the accident, his wheelchair or his limitations. We count it as a real gift that we were able to take these photos, that reflect so well the nature of Andy & Emma’s relationship. Loving, funny, affectionate (gross) and definitely with their pup, Harlie, included. It was so much fun (albeit slightly weird, taking photos of my brother smooching), and I am so happy we got to do this shoot. Here’s to many more! Love you guys.

Elijah & Susannah