Leighton & Kathryn | Murlough Bay, Northern Ireland

We knew this shoot was going to be epic when we heard Kathryn & Leighton were bringing their pups along, and it didn't disappoint! We took a lot of photos and it was so hard to pick the best ones. Not only were the dogs so fun to shoot, but Kathryn & Leighton, you guys were a dream!

It's so wonderful to see a couple so in love and excited to be with each other. Kathryn & Leighton have been in a long distance relationship for a while now, so time spent together is precious; something we know very well after spending half of our relationship in separate countries!

This was one of the most natural shoots we've been a part of and the setting couldn't have been better in one of our favourite places in Northern Ireland.

Guys, thank you for giving us the chance to hear a bit more about your story (and for bringing Ronald and Flo). See you at the wedding!