Phil & Maeve | Lough Erne

Phil & Maeve's wedding was one we had been anticipating for over a year. We met them when we first moved over to Ireland last year while shooting one of their friend's weddings, and we could tell that their wedding was going to be equally as beautiful. In fact, I remember telling Maeve on her wedding day that this wedding was one we were so excited to blog about. 

Everything about this ceremony was special. From the vintage white Jaguar that escorted Maeve to the church, the thought provoking ceremony, popping champagne on the banks of Lough Erne, moving speeches and dance moves that would rival no other. Every moment of this wedding was photo-worthy, hence why we took over 6000 photos on the day!

Thank you so much Phil & Maeve for letting us join in this awesome day. (Side note, golf carts are definitely now our favourite way to travel).


Elijah & Susannah